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Entries by Kate Kelly from 10/2010

Mark Twain and Hawaii: Long Before It Was the 50th State

| Posted 10.05.2010 | Books

in the 1860s, a young Samuel Clemens, who had only recently adopted the pen name of Mark Twain, was one of the first reporters to be sent from the mainland of the US to the Hawaiian islands.

The Nissan Leaf: A Nod to the First Electric Cars of 100 Years Ago

| Posted 10.08.2010 | Business

The New York Times' front page today featured a story about the fact that in December, Nissan will be releasing the Nissan Leaf, the first all-electr...

American Quilts as Art as Well as Documents of Politics and History

| Posted 10.12.2010 | Arts

When we think of quilts, we tend to think of women making them from scraps of material to keep their families warm in drafty houses. The introduction of quilts to this country was actually quite different from this impression.

A President in Pain

| Posted 10.20.2010 | Books

But it becomes very clear that toothaches and mouth pain were a bothersome daily issue for George Washington. What's more, he was very self-conscious as to how the substitute teeth made him look.

Remember Duck and Cover? What Safety Experts May Have Been Thinking

| Posted 10.26.2010 | Politics

How did safety experts come to feel that hiding under a desk or in a hallway with one's hands over one's head would protect against nuclear catastrophe?