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Entries by Kate Kelly from 11/2010

Today's Voting Shenanigans Are Nothing Like This!

| Posted 11.02.2010 | Politics

Early New Jersey laws defined voters as "inhabitants," so women were eligible to vote from the first American elections on. Unfortunately, their rights were taken away all too soon, all because of a very heated local election.

Political Coverage: Room for Improvement

| Posted 11.09.2010 | Politics

Last week on Larry King Live political pundit Ben Stein was rehashing the election results, and he wistfully mentioned that he would miss Christine O'...

Honoring the Veterans and Those Who Tell Their Stories

| Posted 11.11.2010 | Politics

For every war, we need great storytellers so that the generations that follow will understand the real war that was fought. World War II's man was Ernie Pyle.

Women in Politics: An Equality Emergency

| Posted 11.15.2010 | Politics

While the mid-term elections involved the constant media coverage of several female candidates (O'Donnell, Angle, McMahon, et al), the current tally s...

Ten Fascinating Facts about Shopping by Mail (or Online)

| Posted 11.19.2010 | Healthy Living

"First gridlock alert day of the holiday season" was a news headline being trumpeted by talk-radio hosts in the New York area this morning. Despite t...

Thanksgiving and Washington D.C.

| Posted 11.22.2010 | Politics

For this week's blog, I intended to look back at previous Thanksgiving celebrations in the White House, but I became distracted by other things that I...

Pluto May No Longer Be a Planet but Its Discoverer is still a Star

| Posted 11.30.2010 | Books

"How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming," a new book by astronomer Mike Brown was reviewed by James Kennedy in The Wall Street Journal (11-26-201...