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Entries by Katherine Goldstein from 10/2010

Just Food's Let Us Eat Local: Where Sustainability And Good Food Are Stars

| Posted 10.01.2010 | Green

What's so inspiring about combining a love for food with a passion for the environment is that you can see, feel and taste your values -- you can put your money where your mouth is.

Eco-Friendly Jewelry: Is There Such A Thing?

Posted 10.01.2010 | Green

ny industrial jewelry mining can have numerous harmful negative impacts on the environment, ranging from erosion of the land, to leakage of harmful ch...

Want To Fire Obama For A Greener President?

Posted 10.01.2010 | Green

Climate and clean energy crashed and burned. The handling of the BP spill was criticized as too lenient on the oil giant, too withholding from the pub...

The Truth About Plastic Bags Decomposing

Posted 10.01.2010 | Green

Dear EarthTalk: I've heard conflicting reports regarding how long it really takes for a plastic grocery bag to decompose. Can you set the record strai...

David Roberts And Steve Everley Debate Our Energy Future (VIDEO)

Posted 10.04.2010 | Green

UPDATE: Scroll down for highlights from the debate, edited by HuffPost's Ben Craw, with the full exchange available below that. Be sure to tune in fo...

Announcing The HuffPost Spotlight Series On Energy

| Posted 10.04.2010 | Green

I'm pleased to announce The Huffington Post Spotlight series on energy that will feature Vokle video debates with leading experts exploring tough questions of our time.

Stewart Brand And Erich Pica Debate Nuclear Power (VIDEO)

Posted 10.04.2010 | Green

UPDATE: Scroll down for highlights from the debate, edited by HuffPost's Ben Craw, with the full exchange available below that. Is nuclear power the ...

Chris Tucker And Kate Sinding Debate Natural Gas (VIDEO)

Posted 10.04.2010 | Green

UPDATE: Scroll down for highlights from the debate, edited by HuffPost's Ben Craw, with the full exchange available below that. Natural gas is a topi...

Solar Panels On White House: Obama To Install Solar Panels In 2011

Posted 10.05.2010 | Green

WASHINGTON — Solar power is coming to President Barack Obama's house. The most famous residence in America, which has already boosted its green...

Massey Coal Cited For Dangerous Mining Violations In West Virginia

Posted 10.07.2010 | Green

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A surprise inspection has turned up serious safety violations that could have caused an explosion at another Massey Energy C...

Paris Japonica: Researchers Claim Simple White Flower Has World's Longest Genome

Posted 10.07.2010 | Green

LONDON — An ordinary-looking white flower from Japan may carry something quite extraordinary within its pale petals – the longest genome e...

Biofuel's Bumpy Road: The Trials and Tribulations of Algae, Palm Oil, Bioelectricity And More

Posted 10.08.2010 | Green

The biofuel craze passed a while ago and more sober assessments of their promises and problems took over, but that doesn't mean by a long shot that th...

How New York City Became Walk, Bike and Transit Friendly

Posted 10.08.2010 | Green

When I was growing up, I always thought of New York City as a sprawling, traffic-clogged mess. Yet from supporting bike to work day through greening M...

Toxic Waste Lagoons Bursting: The Intersection Of Climate Change And Inadequate Design

Posted 10.08.2010 | Green

Wastewater or sludge storage lagoons are designed, in part, based on statistical probability of annual precipitation and evaporation amounts. The data...

Project NOAH: New Ecology App Makes Wildlife Viewing A Cultural Sport

Posted 10.08.2010 | Green

Why is the app so popular? Some believe it is because it has bridged the gap between professionals and amateur wildlife enthusiasts, like a "Foursquar...

Walkers Potato Chip Bags To Be Made Of Potato Skins

Posted 10.12.2010 | Green

The PepsiCo-owned firm has been looking at a number of ways to make more environmentally friendly packets for crisps as part of the the Carbon Trust's...

E-Collective: New Online System Streamlines Easy E-Waste Collection

Posted 10.12.2010 | Green

e-Waste is a difficult problem when it comes to keeping it out of waste streams. Unlike typical recycling with a blue bin offered in practically every...

Offshore Drilling Ban: Obama To End Moratorium

Posted 10.12.2010 | Green

WASHINGTON — The U.S. is back in the deep water oil-drilling business. The question now is when work will resume. The Obama administration, und...

Oil Industry Eyes Iraq After Gulf Spill

Posted 10.12.2010 | Green

LONDON — Iraq's oil production is increasingly important to meet world energy demand, industry executives meeting in London said Tuesday, as the...

Zoltan Bakonyi: Hungary Sludge Flood CEO Released From Jail Without Charges

Posted 10.13.2010 | Green

VESZPREM, Hungary — A judge on Wednesday dismissed prosecution demands that the head of a metals company linked to Hungary's devastating red slu...

Wal-Mart Plans To Greatly Expand Its Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Posted 10.14.2010 | Green

Wal-Mart Stores announced a program on Thursday that would focus on sustainable agriculture among its suppliers, as the retail giant tries to expand i...

Rinderpest: The Cattle Plague Goes The Way Of Smallpox

Posted 10.14.2010 | Green

"This is the first animal disease virus that's been eradicated through a vaccination campaign," and only the second viral disease, after smallpox, to ...

Does Extreme Weather Affect Electric Cars?

Posted 10.15.2010 | Green

These types of questions surround electric cars, and have played a major role in their delayed entry into our mainstream transportation system. One of...

What's the Life Expectency Of Your Home's New Technology?

Posted 10.15.2010 | Green

How long can you expect new gadgets you bring into your home to last? From appliances to wireless network devices, we should have a better idea of how...

Living Without A Microwave: Pros & Cons

Posted 10.15.2010 | Green

It's been almost 4 years since I've had a microwave. I used to use one daily when I was living in North America. My life in Asia doesn't include a mic...