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Entries by Katie Halper from 08/2007

Nazi Kos

| Posted 08.08.2007 | Politics
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These Democrats could not be more out of touch: Habeas corpus is so 700 hundreds years ago, so Magna Carta. Besides, it's in Latin and nobody speaks Latin anymore, so why should we be using Latin laws.

With Torture Like This, Who Needs Health Care?

| Posted 08.10.2007 | Politics
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Moore's message is not benign. Those who go into the theater ignorant or incredulous to the reality of Guantanamo Bay will perhaps leave the theater even more resistant to claims of torture.

An Open Letter to Robert Murray

| Posted 08.22.2007 | Politics
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Because you speak truth to power, and truth to mishigas like global warming and non-earthquake induced collapses, you are persecuted by those who harp on harmless minutiae.

The Real Tragedy Behind Craig's arrest: The Death of The Singing Senators

| Posted 08.28.2007 | Politics
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2007-08-28-singingsenators.jpgThe arrest of Senator Larry Craig by an undercover police officer in a men's bathroom is the final nail in the coffin in which rots the once vibrant barbershop quartet known as The Singing Senators.

Do Not Not Execute an Innocent Man

| Posted 08.29.2007 | Politics
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Governor Perry, happy belated 400th execution day! It seems like only yesterday that Texas reinstated the death penalty, and yet you have managed to execute 400 people since 1982.