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Entries by Katie Halper from 09/2007

CEO Robert Murray Proves You Don't Have to be a Miner to be a Mine Hero

| Posted 09.05.2007 | Politics

I speak of Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, and MSHA president Richard Stickler, and, of course, CEO Robert Murray. To them I present the Awards for Non-Miner Mine Heroes.

Alive Day Memories: Interview with a Soldier

| Posted 09.07.2007 | Politics

First Lt. Dawn Halfaker was 24 when she lost her arm in an explosion in Iraq. I spoke with Halfaker about how her life has changed since her "Alive Day."

Interview with Director of Alive Day Memories

| Posted 09.10.2007 | Entertainment

Alive Day Memories director Jon Alpert reflected on interviewing Saddam, surviving bombings in Baghdad, censorship, and filming more wars than he can count.

Could Ted Haggard be Larry Craig's Knight in Shining (but "Completely Heterosexual") Armor?

| Posted 09.12.2007 | Politics

I don't think you two are hypocrites. When you're shielding America's values with one hand, and spearing the homosexual agenda with another, it's easy to slip up with your other body parts.

Director's Cut: New Video Shows the Truth in Anbar That Petraeus Does Not Want Us to See

| Posted 09.19.2007 | Politics

This video report by Rick Rowley, an independent filmmaker, presents a very different picture of the Anbar Awakening.

Could the Seeds of Peace Lie in our Brains?

| Posted 09.26.2007 | Politics

As the occupation of Iraq appears increasingly intractable, we would be wise to heed the findings of a neuro-science empathy experiment.