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Entries by Katie Halper from 02/2008

Happy Trent Lott Appreciation Day! But One Day a Year is Not Enough!

| Posted 02.06.2008 | Politics

I'm starting the Trent Lott Porch Reconstruction Fund. And we won't stop until that wrap-around Victorian porch is standing once again. Because a man's second home's porch is his castle.

Mitt Romney Quits Race to Spend More Time With His Wives

| Posted 02.08.2008 | Politics

I am going to miss watching Mitt preach religious tolerance (for Mormons only) and practice intolerance towards atheists, Muslims, gay people, and immigrants.

Academy Awards' Top 10 Best Black Actor/Actress Winners

| Posted 02.24.2008 | Entertainment
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Actually, there are only 5 so far. But I'm sure that will change on Sunday. Oops. No black Best Actor/Actress Nominees this year. But if history is any indication, we'll only have to wait 43 years.

Academy To Whoopi Goldberg: Whoopsi! Top 10 Most Exciting Whoopi Oscars Moments

| Posted 02.27.2008 | Entertainment

To assist the understaffed, and underserved Academy, I started compiling the Academy Awards' most exciting Whoopi moments. Here are a few I was able to find by doing an exhaustive 10 minute search on the internets.

Oregon Stripper-Mayor Stripped of Power: Let Freedom Reign!

| Posted 02.29.2008 | Politics

Mayor Carmen Kontur-Gronquist was stripped of her political power through a recall vote, after 3-year-old pictures of Kontur-Gronquist wearing (not too skimpy) underwear surfaced on the Web.