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Entries by Katie Halper from 06/2008

The Obama Pound: In Historic Moment, White People Exposed to "Fist Bump" for First Time

| Posted 06.05.2008 | Politics

Yeah, there's that whole first black nominee for president thing. But perhaps as exciting, is the fact that the pound is finally being introduced to mainstream culture.

Loyalty Oaths for Clinton Supporters Pledging Their Votes to McCain

| Posted 06.10.2008 | Politics

First, I'd like to congratulate you. You've asked yourself WWJMD and decided to vote against your own interests. Before you're allowed on the band wagon, we are asking you to sign the following oath.

Republicans Prove Their Commitment to White People

| Posted 06.20.2008 | Politics

The difference, of course, as Rush Limbaugh explains, is that the people of Iowa and Illinois are "the heartland...and the backbone of America," while people of the gulf coast, are the infected appendix of the U.S.

The Week in News: Al-Qaeda Hearts C-SPAN

| Posted 06.27.2008 | Politics

Anyone who knows anything about Islamofascism and/or cable service knows that al-Qaeda hearts C-SPAN, which is one of the few channels you can actually get in Afghani caves.