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Entries by Katie Halper from 11/2008

I Saw the Sign: How I Was Born Again Against Gay Marriage and for Proposition 8

| Posted 11.03.2008 | Politics

It was literally a sign--a sign being held at an anti-gay marriage rally. And it said "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steven."

Jews for McCain/The Great Kvetch

| Posted 11.04.2008 | Politics

The Palinist Manifesto: How America's Sexist Rejection of Palin Cost McCain the Election

| Posted 11.06.2008 | Politics

By charging rape victims, Palin is challenging the infantilization of the female victim as helpless and vulnerable. Palin refuses to enable women as they retreat into the state of victimization.

Prop 8 Lets Mormons Tell Other People Their Marriages Are F*&^#$ Up

| Posted 11.11.2008 | Politics

When the IRS threatened to revoke the Mormon Church's tax-exempt status, because of their policy against admitting black priests, in one stunning moment, their theology changed.

Bush Will Be Remembered for His Rule of Law, Sense of Justice, and Clemency (for Turkeys)

| Posted 11.29.2008 | Politics

During his six-year governorship and eight-year presidency, Bush has pardoned one death row inmate, denied clemency over 50 times, and signed death warrants for 155 people.