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Entries by Ken Blackwell from 08/2010

Gen. Jones Is Not a "Useful Idiot"

| Posted 08.01.2010 | Politics

Gen. James Jones is a well-educated, respected military professional. He is President Obama's National Security Adviser. Ordinarily, that would be good news for all Americans. But here's why we should worry.

Mr. President: Don't Join the Dhimmicrats

| Posted 08.04.2010 | New York

The White House calls the Ground Zero Islamic center "a local matter." But Hamas and Fatah in the West Bank did not consider the World Trade Center attacks a local matter.

Frederick Douglass in Annapolis, Philip Reid in the Capitol

| Posted 08.08.2010 | Politics

We are calling on D.C. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton to lead the effort to rename the Rayburn Room for Philip Reid.

Obama's Mosque at Ground Zero

| Posted 08.19.2010 | Politics

What we see in this administration is the most selective defense of religious liberty in our history. Only Muslims' religious liberty is being protected. Only their beliefs are respected by President Obama.

Obama Wins if GOP Flinches on Marriage

| Posted 08.28.2010 | Politics
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Ken Mehlman came out this week, and Republicans leaders are beginning to weigh in on where they stand on redefining marriage. If they flinch on marriage, America could have eight years of Obama.