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Entries by Ken Levine from 03/2008

Truth or Divorcequences

| Posted 03.03.2008 | Entertainment

Only days away from another edition of the big new Fox hit, Moment of Truth. Let's see whose lives they ruin this week.

American Idol: Top 12 Try to Please Please Me

| Posted 03.12.2008 | Entertainment

That new set. Yikes! Talk about extreme overkill. It's like a combination Thunderdome/Celine Dion's living room. And all the lights and strobes, I felt like I was watching the Orange Bowl Halftime show.

The Sunshine Boys of Summer

| Posted 03.14.2008 | Entertainment

As we were leaving Applebee's, one of the Dodgers was coming in. We told him, "No!! Go back! Go somewhere else!" He did. I consider it a favor worthy of his next World Series ring.

American Idol: A Hard Day's Night

| Posted 03.19.2008 | Entertainment

The producers paid for that Beatles songbook and by God they were going to use it! Last week it worked great. This week it was the Camp Chippewa talent show for parents weekend.

America Idol: Top Ten

| Posted 03.26.2008 | Entertainment

It's so clear that everything Carly does is designed solely to win!!! I'm waiting for her to say she didn't have sufficient rehearsal time because she was under sniper fire.