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Entries by Kenneth C. Davis from 07/2009

Independence Week Declaration 101: A "Forgotten Founder" Worth Knowing

| Posted 07.01.2009 | Healthy Living

One of the "Forgotten Founders" is James Wilson, whose contributions to the creation of the United States of America were obscured by his later disgrace.

Jefferson's Declaration, Slavery and Nazis in Paris

| Posted 07.02.2009 | Politics

As the nation approaches its celebration of Independence and the ideals of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," it is crucial to remember that with those rights comes responsibility.

Robert McNamara and Vietnam: A Basic Reading List

| Posted 07.07.2009 | Healthy Living

For anyone who needs a refresher course on America in Vietnam, here is a short reading list from among the thousands of books written about the war.

George Washington: The Dignity and the Slavery

| Posted 07.08.2009 | Politics

In his catalog of Washington's public virtues and civility, David Brooks neglected to mention that George Washington owned, bought and sold his fellow human beings.

An American History Lesson for Pat Buchanan

| Posted 07.18.2009 | Politics

Yes, no black men signed the Declaration. They were consigned to the plantations of many of the men who did the signing, putting food on their tables and money in their purses.

Slavery, Abolition, Rebellion: A Reading List

| Posted 07.24.2009 | Healthy Living

All of these books should provide some correctives to the deep misunderstanding -- or desperate ignorance -- of this extremely important chapter in American History.