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Entries by Kevin Zeese from 09/2010

Time for California to End the Unwinnable Marijuana War

| Posted 09.11.2010 | Politics

Last week every former U.S. DEA head came out against Proposition 19 -- no surprise there. But voters should ask themselves: Has the marijuana war, with more than 800,000 arrests each year, worked?

Save American Democracy, or What's Left of It

| Posted 09.17.2010 | Politics

In the First Election After Citizens United, Voters Need to Beware and Organized to Combat Massive Power of Concentrated Corporations This is the fir...

Can Anyone Stop Rove's Crime Against Democracy While it is in Progress?

| Posted 09.24.2010 | Politics

Political operatives, like Karl Rove, are misusing the tax laws to create organizations that allow for anonymous and unlimited donations from corporations and the super-rich in order to determine the outcome of the mid-term elections.

Politically Active Americans Facing Searches and Surveillance

| Posted 09.29.2010 | Politics

FBI searches highlight a dangerous trend: domestic surveillance of peace and other activists. Americans need to understand the context of these raids so they can work to stop the infringement of constitutional rights.

IRS to Investigate Rove's American Crossroads and Other Corporate Front Groups

| Posted 09.30.2010 | Politics

Big business donors trying to hide behind the illegal anonymity of tax deductible groups being misused as electoral organizations should now be forewarned -- you may not be anonymous for long.