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Entries by Kim Mance from 12/2007

Double-Whammy: U.S. Healthcare Hits Us Up One Side and Down the Other

| Posted 12.02.2007 | Politics

One of the biggest stressors is that my caregiving for my two boys is invisible to the U.S. economic system.

Feminism is Like Global Warming

| Posted 12.11.2007 | Politics

Sensationalizing stories about climate or women's issues contributes to making them surreal to the public.

Benazir Bhutto Died for Democracy

| Posted 12.28.2007 | Politics

Whereas some leaders send our young men and women to fight while they do aerial and virtual assessments, Benazir Bhutto put herself in peril on the ground to speak out against violence and terrorism.

Jesus Was a Liberal and God is a Progressive

| Posted 12.30.2007 | Healthy Living

I can't help but notice that many of those who call themselves Christians -- and speak for the masses today -- in no way resemble their namesake.