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Entries by Kim Stagliano from 03/2008

I'm Not Drinking the Kook (I Mean, Kool) Aid

| Posted 03.01.2008 | Healthy Living

Parents understand that drug companies lie, cheat, fudge data and advertise using fear to sell all of their products -- and that includes vaccines.

The Tilt-a-Whirl World of Autism

| Posted 03.28.2008 | Healthy Living

An autism diagnosis knocks our kids so far out of the medical realm that they lose many of their rights to proper investigative medical care. Every behavior is attributed to "their autism" and virtually dismissed.

Obituary: Kim Stagliano, 86, Leaves Three Autistic Children Behind

| Posted 03.31.2008 | Healthy Living

Who will care for my girls when Mark and I are gone? Their autism has wiped us out financially already. My beautiful girls will be at the mercy of the state.