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Entries by Lance Simmens from 03/2010

No Hits, No Runs, Big Error

| Posted 03.02.2010 | Politics

Senator, playing with people's lives is not a game. These childish antics only reinforce the cynicism and distrust that a frustrated and worried populace feels towards their government.

Ode to Special Interests

| Posted 03.10.2010 | Politics

As the anger builds And the disappointment spills Into a cauldron of despair Frustration mounts and tempers flare And reason rapidly disappears As ba...

The Transcendent Presidency

| Posted 03.24.2010 | Politics

Much attention is being paid to transparency, but there is another word receiving less attention that is equally important: transcendence. Healthcare is an issue that should by any calculus transcend politics.

The Snake Pit

| Posted 03.25.2010 | Politics
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Angry white fools Hurl slurs and insults Like old dull tools With the unintended results Of exposing so proudly Just what they represent Vigorously...