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Entries by Larry Beinhart from 05/2008

Bush, Bushit, Boom, and Bust

| Posted 05.05.2008 | Business

Did you know there is an official arbiter of when recessions begin? The reality for ordinary people is that the economy has actually been in recession since 2001.

Fog Facts: Petraeus and the Fog of Spin

| Posted 05.09.2008 | Politics

If anyone speaks of victory in Iraq, winning in Iraq, or the like, we should take out the counter-insurgency manual and wave it in their faces.

The Designated Jew (An Iran Story)

| Posted 05.20.2008 | Politics

This was not America. Where it was safe to be a Jew. Where it was fun to be a Jew. Where it was easy to be a Jew.

Who's Ready on Day One?

| Posted 05.22.2008 | Politics

As the only one of the candidates who deals in reality rather than fantasy, Obama is the only candidate who will be ready on day one, as "commander-in-chief," or as president.

Corrections: In Which the New York Times Perpetuates the Myth It Created -- That Bush Won Florida in 2000

| Posted 05.27.2008 | Media

In 2000, Bush didn't get the most votes in Florida. The news story spinners hung their hat on a technicality.