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Entries by Larry Gellman from 03/2009

He's a Good Man -- Just Not a Very Good Wizard

| Posted 03.12.2009 | Media

The world of punditry has become like the Emerald City. Everyone is scurrying around in a panic, looking to the Wizard of Obama to save us all from the supernatural threats that surround us.

We Are So Angry That We've Lost Our Minds

| Posted 03.25.2009 | Business

President Obama says we should stay angry but express our outrage in productive ways. I say we should get rid of the anger altogether.

Back to the Future

| Posted 03.27.2009 | Healthy Living

Although it may not be as much fun as the more recent version, the new normal will probably look more like the normal of my youth than the unsustainable glory days of the last 20 years.