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Entries by Laura Carlsen from 08/2009

Zelaya Tells Mexicans Obama Can Turn Back Coup "In Five Minutes"

| Posted 08.07.2009 | World

Zelaya came through Mexico City this week to woo Mexican President Felipe Calderon and talk to grassroots organizations that support his return to power. I decided to go see the man I've been writing about for the past 40 days.

An Open Letter to President Obama on "Hypocrisy"

| Posted 08.11.2009 | World

The coup-controlled Honduran press is having a heyday with the Obama remarks. La Tribuna has a picture of Obama on the front page with the headline "Hypocrisy to Call for Intervention in Honduras"

Coup Catalyzes Honduran Women´s Movement

| Posted 08.21.2009 | World

Besides being at the receiving end of clubs and pistols with the rest of the anti-coup movement, women suffer specific forms of repression and violence; their bodies have become part of the battleground.