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Entries by Laura Carlsen from 09/2009

To Defend Democracy, U.S. Must Call the Coup

| Posted 09.03.2009 | World

The U.S. State Department has not issued a formal statement to Congress acknowledging the military coup in Honduras. Millions in U.S. money continue to flow to the coup regime.

Cutting Off the Honduran Coup's Air Supply

| Posted 09.17.2009 | World

With grassroots challenges growing throughout the country and outside supplies being cut off, the question the world is asking is: How long can this last?

Clinton, Act to Avoid a Massacre in Honduras

| Posted 09.23.2009 | World

Clinton continues to make statements divorced from the current dire reality in Honduras. Today the reality is that the Armed Forces under the coup regime are carrying out not just a "provocation" but a brutal attack on protesters.