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Entries by Laura Flanders from 01/2010

Heat Rises: Dubai's Tower of Debt

| Posted 01.06.2010 | Politics

History repeats. Like the Empire State building before it, the Dubai tower was built in a global depression when cheap labor was plentiful -- as were the dreams of the ambitious and affluent.

The F Word: Death Penalty Supporters Concede Defeat

| Posted 01.07.2010 | Politics

You know here at GRITtv we try to cast light on good news when we get a chance. In that spirit... We saw a lot of bad death penalty-related news l...

The F Word: What Do You Mean, Civilized?

| Posted 01.08.2010 | Media

The Washington Post ran an impassioned editorial January 7, condemning the anti-homosexuality law being considered in Uganda. Originally calling for ...

The F Word: Immigrant Deaths Covered Up

| Posted 01.12.2010 | Politics

Prolonged detention in criminal conditions is not only happening in Gitmo. It's happening in our immigration system.

The F Word: Willing to Reconsider

| Posted 01.13.2010 | Politics

OK, so I've been a feminist against marriage for as long as I can remember but I will if you will. Here's the back story on that. I have been in lo...

The F Word: Things to Remember While Helping Haiti

| Posted 01.15.2010 | Politics

"Things to Remember While Helping Haiti." That's the benign-sounding headline on a Heritage Foundation paper regarding the disaster in Haiti. Rele...

The F Word: Lessons Not Learned

| Posted 01.21.2010 | Politics

A year ago I was freezing on the Mall with a few million others, watching the inauguration of a new President. Today I'm sweltering in my unnaturally...

The F Word: Coakley DID Define Herself. More's the Pity.

| Posted 01.22.2010 | Politics

I hate to nit-pick, but is it possible that Martha Coakley lost her bid to become Senator of Massachusetts not because people knew her too little but...

The F Word: The State of the Corporate Union

| Posted 01.25.2010 | Politics

The State of the Union will be a little different this year. Thanks to a last-minute switch the annual address will be presented by Lloyd Blankfein, ...

The F Word: Define Security, Mr. President

| Posted 01.27.2010 | Politics

A three-year freeze on public spending on everything except entitlements, veterans benefits and security? Two years into a major recession -- a deva...

The F Word: Extracting Recovery, Too?

| Posted 01.28.2010 | Politics

Yesterday it was security, today's it's recovery: another nifty, ubiquitous word that means a whole lot of different things to different people. When...

The F Word: In Defense of Root Canals

| Posted 01.29.2010 | Politics

A few words in defense of root canals. In his State of the Union, President Obama scored some laughs early on with his comment that the bank bailou...