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Entries by Laura Flanders from 07/2010

The F Word: Equal Obliviousness, Not Equal Rights

| Posted 07.01.2010 | Politics

The Atlantic published one of many recent articles about the "he-cession" or the "decline of men," wondering what it means that women are now the majo...

The F Word: Who Fights and Why?

| Posted 07.08.2010 | Politics

The U.S. is currently shedding hundreds of thousands of jobs each month. It's not just in the Ozarks that the recruiters are the only ones with jobs around: the economy shed 125,000 jobs in June.

The F Word: The Year of Which Women Again?

| Posted 07.08.2010 | Politics

So it's “the year of the women" in the media again. But again, it's only some. All about money media are all about the women of the GOP. It...

The F Word: Do Ask, Don't Tell

| Posted 07.13.2010 | Politics

The White House has pulled quite a bait and switch on the LGBT community. LGBT voters came out and contributed en masse to Barack Obama's campaign. A ...

The F Word: Charges in Police Killings Just a Start

| Posted 07.14.2010 | Politics

Nearly five years after Hurricane Katrina, six New Orleans police officers have been charged with federal civil rights violations for the shooting and killing of James Brissette and Ronald Madison.

The F Word: Great Hoarding Causing Great Hurt

| Posted 07.15.2010 | Politics

Big money won't do "the right thing" because as far as they're concerned, they're doing it already. Capitalism's working well for them -- people are working harder, for less.

The F Word: Top Secret: Privatizing Fails

| Posted 07.20.2010 | Politics

While deficit hawks obsess over spending, private security companies, private spies, and private armies rule the tax dollar roost.

The F Word: Rolling Over on Shirley Sherrod

| Posted 07.21.2010 | Politics

How many times is the Obama administration going to roll over for Glenn Beck?

The F Word: National Confrontation on Race

| Posted 07.23.2010 | Politics

At the end of a long painful week, Shirley Sherrod's been offered a new job with the USDA's Office of Civil Rights and Community Outreach. She's still considering, though, and who can blame her?

The F Word: Americans With Disabilities Did the Impossible

| Posted 07.27.2010 | Politics

Events were held across the country Monday to mark the twentieth anniversary of the signing of the landmark Americans with Disabilities Act. Disability rights activists made the point that passing the law was only the start.

The F Word: Funding War, Choosing Sides

| Posted 07.28.2010 | Politics

The House approved $33 billion for a 30,000-troop escalation in Afghanistan this week and in doing so took money away from other places it was desperately needed: public schools, green energy and job creation.

The F Word: Lost Billions in Iraq

| Posted 07.29.2010 | Politics

Congress agreed to pump an extra $33 billion into Afghanistan this week, even as a new report revealed that almost nine billion earmarked for the nation's other occupation -- Iraq -- went missing.