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Entries by Lauren Cahn from 12/2008

Walking: Meditation for Non-Meditators

| Posted 12.07.2008 | Healthy Living

If you can walk, then you can meditate. Walk, and focus on the action of walking. Don't make it about exercise, even though it IS exercise. Just make it about walking.

Fiscal Crisis Yoga

| Posted 12.08.2008 | Healthy Living

Understanding and accepting that bad things happen, that things won't always go our way, that people and events will disappoint us -- it's not pessimism. Rather, it's reality.

"Eating Clean": the Latest Evil Diet Craze

| Posted 12.12.2008 | Healthy Living

Let's stop judging our eating in terms like "dirty" and just eat the best we can and enjoy ourselves even after we've had a Devil Dog at midnight washed down with a glass of cheap vodka?

What Recession?

| Posted 12.16.2008 | Style

My question to anyone who cares to answer is: who is out there buying the Louboutin pumps? The Vivier booties? The Hermes scarves, the Chloe bags? Is it you? Or anyone you know?