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Entries by Laurie David from 08/2005

Global Warming: A Higher Power Weighs In

| Posted 08.08.2005 | Huffington Post

I've always felt that it's going to take a higher power to move this country forward on dealing with the global warming crisis. And then, presto, a “higher” power appeared in the person of Commander Eileen Collins, an astronaut on the shuttle Discovery who, from her perch 220 miles above the earth, could see with her own eyes the environmental destruction that our government has been so blithely ignoring. Gale Norton, Secretary of the Interior, has gone so far as to prohibit federal employees of Glacier National Park from mentioning global warming as a possible cause when tourists ask about the ever-shrinking snowcaps. Fortunately, there was one federal employee beyond Norton's reach...

Bush Administration Exempts Giant SUVs; Score Another One for Big Oil

| Posted 08.16.2005 | Politics
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As gas prices soar and automobile fuel economy hits a twenty year low, the Bush administration today announced a giant, gift-wrapped present to the Middle East oil sheiks: the derailing of a proposed increase in fuel economy standards for the biggest gas guzzlers. The decision to renew fuel economy exemptions for cars weighing over 8,500 pounds was inspired by Washington’s ongoing love affair with big oil -- and by the checkbook diplomacy used by Detroit to win over Washington. The administration’s renewal of this reckless exemption is a boon to big oil, Detroit, Iran, the Saudi sheiks, and Hezbollah -- and America be damned.

Global Warming: Drudge Rebels Against the Dark Side

| Posted 08.19.2005 | Politics
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In a sudden show of common sense, Matt Drudge has risen from the muck to take on the issue that poses the primary threat to civilization -- global warming.