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Entries by Lawrence Lessig from 03/2010

Systemic Denial

| Posted 03.04.2010 | Business

Things are actually much worse than anyone ever talks about. The pivot points of our financial system have become profoundly corrupted. Balance sheets are "fictions" that still hide trillions of dollars in liability.

Italy and the Internet

| Posted 03.16.2010 | World

In a government already so tightly tied to traditional broadcast television, any push to burden the Internet in a way that would only benefit traditional broadcast TV is, in a word, icky.

Citizens Unite

| Posted 03.16.2010 | Politics

Representatives must remain dependent upon citizens, not upon special interests, and the Supreme Court has made that practically impossible. Only an amendment can reverse this now.

Delusion on the Hill? The Earmark Puzzle

| Posted 03.17.2010 | Politics

Following the Supreme Court's weakening of the appearance of corruption standard in Citizens United, the Democratic Ethics Committee may now be doing the same.

The Moment

| Posted 03.22.2010 | Politics

For let us not forget: for a president overwhelmingly elected just a year ago, with a super majority in both the House and Senate, the health care reform legislation has been a bizarrely difficult fight.