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Entries by Len Levitt from 11/2009

Bernie Kerik: The Weeper

| Posted 11.09.2009 | New York

Watching Bernie Kerik weep while admitting he was a crook, this reporter could not help recalling past conversations with Judith Regan, his editor, publisher and former lover.

Mayor Mike and the Imam

| Posted 11.16.2009 | New York

Perhaps we should be relieved the feds are trying Khalid Sheikh Mohamed. If left to the locals, we might have a lapse like City Hall's invitation to a Brooklyn imam linked to the first World Trade Center attack.

Hamlet On The Hudson

| Posted 11.23.2009 | New York

So Rudy Giuliani is apparently not running for governor and is dithering about whether to try for the Senate. We've lived through this melodrama before.

An Ugly NYPD-Media Confrontation

| Posted 11.30.2009 | New York

With crime at historic lows and the police commissioner enjoying high public approval, one might think the NYPD would extend basic respect to police reporters. Think again.