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Entries by Leo Hindery, Jr. from 03/2010

Clean Energy Here -- Not So Clean Hands Over There

| Posted 03.02.2010 | Green

This Thursday, I am addressing the Apollo Alliance on Clean Energy and Good Jobs on the subject of "How to Make the U.S. a Leader in the Clean Energy Economy," a topic made urgent in the midst of the ongoing Great Recession. I believe that the answers -- four in number -- are actually pretty simple.

Tale of Two CEOs: One of Them Needs to Do Better

| Posted 03.09.2010 | Business
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American industry's successes were hallmarked by a commonly held belief among CEOs that they had equal responsibility to shareholders, employees, customers, communities and the nation. That sense of responsibility has begun to be lost.

Mission Un-Accomplished -- "Promises to Keep"

| Posted 03.16.2010 | Business
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Everyone in Congress is rightly concerned about the federal debt, but this doesn't mean we can run away from the major fiscal efforts needed to quickly and dramatically reduce real unemployment.

'Eleanor Roosevelt Tours Coal Mine' -- Obama Still Needs To

| Posted 03.23.2010 | Politics

President Obama needs to feel in his core what Eleanor Roosevelt felt when touring a coal mine in Ohio, and he needs to remember how to talk with angry working-class people.

Not 'Loyal Opposition' Within the Democratic Party?

| Posted 03.30.2010 | Politics

Normally when one refers to the "loyal opposition," it's the party out of power questioning specific policies and positions of the party in power. But right now, given some Republicans' encouragement to those threatening violence, and threats at state-levels to ignore the authority of the federal government on health care, it's lame to dignify them or their actions with the "loyal" adjective. At the end of the day, most Americans will be repulsed by these efforts, and thus of greater interest now is the "loyal opposition" to the administration that is developing within the Democratic Party itself.