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Entries by Leo Hindery, Jr. from 11/2010

"Where Do Democrats Go Next?" It's Not Where Evan Bayh Would Have Us Go

| Posted 11.09.2010 | Politics

So, where should Democrats go next? How about to the three economic initiatives where bipartisan support is achievable and which would go a long way to putting some real juice in our now jobless recovery?

"Political Malpractice in the First Degree."

| Posted 11.16.2010 | Politics

How can the administration say on the one hand that it "did the wrong things" and then on the other hand exonerate itself by saying that "it wasn't that the White House did things wrong?"

The South Korea FTA -- It May Be 'Free', But It Sure Isn't 'Fair'

| Posted 11.23.2010 | Politics

The question for America now is what will it take to restore healthy growth, if it's not going to be trade? The answer is and always has been simple. A large vibrant middle class that grows from the bottom up.

'Deficit Commission' cum 'Hatchet Job on the Middle Class': There Are Better Ways

| Posted 11.30.2010 | Politics

The current economic downturn is simply not the time to adopt blanket fiscal austerity, with more income inequality today than ever before. Instead, it's time to invest in the middle class, create jobs and spur economic growth.