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Entries by Leo Hindery, Jr. from 12/2010

Love Story 2010: An Even Sadder Tale About China Trade

| Posted 12.07.2010 | Business

What do you do if you have both trillions of dollars of foreign reserves and a 'blue water navy'? Well, of course you use them -- and if you're China, you use them each aggressively.

'Hide the Pea': The Obama-McConnell-Boehner Tax Bill

| Posted 12.14.2010 | Politics

The Tax Bill is almost universally referred to as the "Obama-McConnell-Boehner Tax Bill". When two of the three names are the Republican leaders, and there is no Democrat from either the House or the Senate, then this bill is hardly bipartisan.

A New Workers' Manifesto

| Posted 12.21.2010 | Politics

Workers in America -- organized and non-organized -- should not have their wages and benefits attacked, their Social Security benefits and retirement savings put at risk, or their jobs taken away by unfair globalization and trade agreements.