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Entries by Leo Hindery, Jr. from 03/2011

A New Budget Without Truth or Courage -- It's Time to Speak to a Larger Audience

| Posted 03.01.2011 | Politics

Obama clearly wants to score points with moderates and independents, but these are points that will likely never be tallied. Conservatives will never think he has cut enough, while progressives rightly deplore the ongoing "cavings in."

Obamanomics: Guess Who Came to Dinner; Guess Who Didn't Even Get Asked?

| Posted 03.15.2011 | Business

As long as Mr. Obama focuses on CEOs in Silicon Valley to the neglect of rebuilding manufacturing in America, we won't see anything near the reduced unemployment rate that his economic team predicted in early 2009.

Federal Budget Imperatives

| Posted 03.29.2011 | Politics

There is 'false choice' debate underway within Congress between "cutters" of the federal deficit and "postponers." The U.S. does not have to choose between stimulus and austerity.