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Entries by Leon T. Hadar from 07/2010

Welcome to the Post-Unipolar World: Great for the U.S. and for the Rest

| Posted 07.08.2010 | World

The U.S. should not retreat from the world. But by embracing a policy of "constructive disengagement" from some parts of the world, America could help itself and the rest of the world.

Is Obama Set on an Iran Strike?

| Posted 07.22.2010 | World

As his Afghanistan policy has demonstrated, Obama seems to lack the power and the will to resist the hawks in Washington and has probably concluded that if you cannot beat them, joining them is the next best option.

What Happens if U.S. Troops Leave Afghanistan? Not the End of the World as We Know it

| Posted 07.28.2010 | World

The Obama administration needs to modify its "belief about the moral benefit and policy utility of nation-building." You do not have to engage in the grandiose project of nation-building in order to achieve our limited goals.