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Entries by Leon T. Hadar from 01/2011

Israel Needs to Adjust to a Post-American Age

| Posted 01.03.2011 | World

America's unipolar moment is coming to an end and rising global powers are creating the conditions for the evolution of multipolarism. But delusional Israeli leaders still think that the U.S. remains the paramount global power.

When Obama Meets Hu: "Normalizing" Sino-American Relationship?

| Posted 01.17.2011 | World

Each leader needs to come out of the summit able to demonstrate to an anxious public that the relationship between the two countries is advancing the nation's economic interests.

Return to Haifa: Whose Narrative Is It Anyway?

| Posted 01.19.2011 | Arts

Return to Haifa, based on a novella by Palestinian author Ghassan Kanafani, is not a cultural product of our age of globalization.

Obama Cold-Shoulders the Mideast in SOTU

| Posted 01.26.2011 | World

What are we to make of the short shrifting of the Mideast by Obama? Some would argue that the focus of the address was on economic policies, not foreign. But the main theme, "The Sputnik Moment", was global -- not domestic.

Not All Is Well in America's Middle Eastern Province

| Posted 01.31.2011 | World

We need to recognize that we are at the start of a long period of disorder in the Middle East and that the days of the U.S. easily reestablishing order are likely over.