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Entries by Leonie Haimson from 03/2011

Fox News Debate on Public Sector Unions

| Posted 03.01.2011 | Education

My favorite moment was when Malanga said he didn't feel "oppressed" by not being a member of a union.

This Week the Real Reformers Finally Broke Through!

| Posted 03.04.2011 | Education


Mayor Bloomberg Booed and Excoriated for his Proposed Teacher Layoffs and Attacks on Seniority Protections

| Posted 03.07.2011 | Education

Mayor Bloomberg was roundly booed at the annual Queens St. Patrick's Day parade on Saturday for threatening to lay off of over 4,000 teachers and his attack on their seniority rights.

In the World of Corporate Ed Reform, Failure Is no Impediment to Success

| Posted 03.11.2011 | Education

Zeke Vanderhoek gets more publicity for failure than most people do for success.

Chris Cerf, There You Go Again!

| Posted 03.14.2011 | Education

I have held off blogging about Cerf, but I am now impelled to clarify the deep flaws in his record as a DOE administrator.

Letter to the Lawrence, Kan. School Board

| Posted 03.28.2011 | Education

Reducing class size, particularly in the early grades, is one of the very few educational strategies proven to increase learning and narrow the achievement gap.