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Entries by Les Leopold from 07/2009

Redefining Chutzpah: Wall Street Using Bailout Money to Kill Financial Consumer Protection Agency

| Posted 07.01.2009 | Business

With a straight face, the captains of Wall Street like are telling us that they don't need to be heavily regulated -- that regulations will kill innovation and stifle consumer choice.

Wall Street Still Near Full-Employment: How Can That Be?

| Posted 07.02.2009 | Business

Why hasn't the crash devastated employment on Wall Street? One big reason is that we put the entire sector on welfare.

The Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear ... of Government

| Posted 07.07.2009 | Business

If we all weren't so afraid of big, bad government, we'd realize the obvious: expanding the public sector is the most efficient way both to create jobs and stimulate the economy.

Wall Street's Collateral Damage (Before You Take Public Transportation, Ask Your Banker)

| Posted 07.09.2009 | Business

As soon as anyone calls for tight controls on Wall Street, pundits and politicians rush to the defense of "financial innovation."

How to Create a Million Jobs in One Month

| Posted 07.14.2009 | Business

If we weren't so hung up on anti-government ideology, we could have turned the stimulus money into 13 million public sector jobs.

Happy Days are Here Again! (Here = Wall Street)

| Posted 07.14.2009 | Business

What did Goldman Sachs actually do that was useful for society, after having helped to drive our economy off a cliff? And why aren't our elected leaders doing something about it?

Calpers Sues Rating Agencies: Where's Obama? Where's Congress?

| Posted 07.15.2009 | Business

Fantasy finance inevitably leads to financial crashes, which are a disaster for the real economy. Along the way, bankers get filthy rich. But when the game goes bust, we are the ones picking up the tab.

A Wall Street Windfall Profits Tax: Now or Never?

| Posted 07.16.2009 | Business

Wall Street will get its outrageous bonuses again, and the finance casino will reopen for business. This is both a recipe for disaster and the best moment we've ever had to end Wall Street's domination of our economy.

Wall Street and Anti-Semitism

| Posted 07.17.2009 | Business

With unemployment rising to depression-like levels, we should be mindful of depression-like hatred.

When Someone Says "Financial Innovation," Put Your Hand on Your Wallet

| Posted 07.21.2009 | Business

The financial flack who came up with the phrase "financial innovation" deserves the Bernie Madoff Financial Engineering Prize of 2009 for the most outrageous fantasy finance concept of the year.

Enslaved by Our 401ks?

| Posted 07.28.2009 | Business

I'm worried that we've locked ourselves into the stock market to such a degree that we'll allow nearly anything to happen on Wall Street as long as our pension funds and invested savings recover.