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Entries by Les Leopold from 05/2010

Is Warren Buffett Main Street's Benedict Arnold?

| Posted 05.07.2010 | Business

I hope Buffett's fans realize that their dividends and capital gains are partly derived from taxpayer bailouts and from those financial weapons of mass destruction Buffett used to denounce.

Help! What's the Cure for Financial Insanity?

| Posted 05.14.2010 | Business

The American people sense something is really wrong. They're angry at Wall Street and anyone in its pocket. It's taken a while, but the truth is seeping in.

Kiss Your Middle Cl..ass Good-bye?

| Posted 05.21.2010 | Politics

The financial reform bill Congress just passed won't protect us from economic chaos. Why? Because it fails to burst the mother of all bubbles -- Wall Street itself.

The Ten Wealthiest Financiers in America Are Not Worth $900,000 an Hour

| Posted 05.28.2010 | Business

The time may come when the American people demand a modicum of financial justice and economic sanity. This would require something far beyond the current financial reform, which is basically a gift to Wall Street and hedge funds.