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Entries by Linda Bergthold from 10/2008

Who is the Radical on Health Care? McCain or Obama?

| Posted 10.04.2008 | Politics

You will no doubt hear that Obama wants to socialize medicine. That he is proposing a big government takeover of health care. As Biden would say, "That's malarkey."

Men are from Mars Women are from Venus in the Presidential Debate

| Posted 10.07.2008 | Politics

On the CNN reaction meter, McCain never reaches Obama's highs, because even when people reluctantly agree with him, they have to factor in the fact that they just don't believe anything he says.

Never Again! No More Focus Groups Please!

| Posted 10.17.2008 | Politics

As we watch the debates on CNN, we too are influenced by the response lines, and after the debate is over, the influence of these small groups increases disproportionately.

It's All About the Ground Game -- Three Yards and a Cloud of Dust

| Posted 10.19.2008 | Politics

In the end, no matter how many hail mary passes McCain throws, there's no substitute for the energy, enthusiasm, and organization of Obama and his campaign's ground game.

Unchallenged Lies and Unexamined Cliches -- CNN Interview of Sarah Palin by Drew Griffin

| Posted 10.21.2008 | Media

What is most disgraceful about this interview is the flaccid and uncritical role of the interviewer -- Drew Griffin. How can he call himself a journalist?