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Entries by Linda Milazzo from 06/2008

My Dream Ticket: Barack Obama & Caroline Kennedy

| Posted 06.05.2008 | Politics

For nearly her entire 51 years, Caroline Kennedy has been part of the socio-political fabric of this nation. She first captivated America as the tin...

Mr. Russert, Will You Ante Up For War Victims Like You Asked Of Scott McClellan?

| Posted 06.10.2008 | Media

Meet The Press provided a national platform for the Bush administration to push its war with minimal challenge from Tim Russert.

A Call to Heroes: My "Sit-Down" With Vince Bugliosi

| Posted 06.23.2008 | Media

Coming from Vincent Bugliosi, a man who has proven time and again that he has no fear, his threat it one that George Bush should take seriously. Vince will not back down.

Momentum Building For Bugliosi's Case Against George W. Bush For Murder

| Posted 06.29.2008 | Politics

To be clear, this is not a partisan effort -- It's a legally binding and provable case for murder, that Bugliosi -- an American patriot -- would bring against any president regardless of affiliation.