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Entries by Lisa Witter from 06/2008

Obama Can Reach Hillary's Female Loyalists

| Posted 06.06.2008 | Politics

Many women saw Clinton's tenacity and wished they would have had it when they lost a promotion or job because of their gender. Many saw her outcome as theirs. This loss runs deep.

McCain to Capture the Women's Vote Through Golf Bags?

| Posted 06.09.2008 | Politics

I can't imagine anything more elitist than pimping monogrammed golf gear on your website, can you?

Unfetter Women's Intellect on Campaign Trail

| Posted 06.23.2008 | Politics

Is anyone else as appalled as I am at how quickly we have gone back to thinking of women in the oldest of stereotypes -- as only wives and mothers?

Obama, McCain and Mother Vote

| Posted 06.30.2008 | Politics

Obama may have the clear advantage with the mother vote on the image, talk and policy fronts, but McCain has shown lately that he isn't willing to let the mom vote go without a fight.