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Entries by Liz Smith from 11/2012

David McCullough: In Defense of the Typewriter -- and American Authenticity

| Posted 11.06.2012 | Books

A charming part of this 60 Minutes outing is that Safer and McCullough are actually in Philadelphia and they visit Constitution Hall. Morley asks, "Do you ever get a funny feeling when you wander around Philly?"

David Geffen: 'Invented' and Dazzling on PBS

| Posted 11.07.2012 | Entertainment

So, David Geffen, a slim little kid who escaped Brooklyn to fulfill his dream in Hollywood, becomes a maestro of the rock generation after starting as an agent. "What does an agent do?" he asked, at first.

The Sky Is NOT Falling! New James Bond Film Set to Break Box Office Records!

| Posted 11.08.2012 | Entertainment

Skyfall opens on Friday. After Hurricane Sandy and the elections, we all need some good healthy sex, violence, speeding cars, snappy tuxes and dangerous women.

Why Rachel Maddow Was the Best

| Posted 11.09.2012 | Media

So, I gave the nice folks who use my column five days a week a break and stopped being so momentarily controversial. After all, I am only half of the United States and who knew how the election would turn out.

Daniel Craig Opens Up in Rolling Stone Interview

| Posted 11.12.2012 | Entertainment

Daniel Craig is known to be a sometimes intimidating interview subject. He values his privacy and cherishes his silence. However, the actor happily chats about his big ears, nose-picking, shoplifted frozen turkeys, and certain habits we just can't mention here.

The Landmarks Conservancy of New York City Scored Big

| Posted 11.13.2012 | New York

t was an ironic coincidence that the Conservancy had just happened to "save" this beautiful room from destruction, in the same way they do many fabulous architectural works.

Lindsay As Liz -- Oh, Come On, Let's Give Her a Chance! Also, How Skyfall, Argo and Ralph Saved Hollywood

| Posted 11.14.2012 | Entertainment

I don't know about you but I've seen the movie trailer to the coming Nov. 25th Liz & Dick and although I know it won't be a patch on the real-life Burtons of movie fame, I just can't wait to catch Lindsay Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor!

IAVA Vets Have Brian Williams... and He's Enough

| Posted 11.15.2012 | New York

IAVA's No. 1 military honoree was, of course, a "no-show." But he wasn't even missed in an evening under Brian Williams' emcee stewardship. It was an evening that whizzed by and went from patriotic good feelings to heroic heights.

Kate Moss Bares All in Vanity Fair

| Posted 11.16.2012 | Entertainment

The shots of Moss looked right out of Playboy, circa 1966. She's lovely, but I wonder if this is the beginning of a trend for Graydon Carter's great, groundbreaking magazine?

Daniel Craig: The Biggest Bond Ever (Sean Connery Is Shaken, Stirred and Feeling Cheated)

| Posted 11.19.2012 | Entertainment

By now, the worldwide box-office take of Skyfall has most likely surpassed one billion dollars. So, who benefits from this bonanza?

'Pumpkin Is the New Bacon': A Sweet Potato Pie Recipe

| Posted 11.20.2012 | Huffington Post

I have been giving this recipe annually for 50 years. People stop me on the streets of New York and ask me for it or about it. So, consider this a public service.

Rihanna Is 'Unapologetic' in 'Nobody's Business'

| Posted 11.21.2012 | Entertainment

This is a far cry from the S&M posturing of Madonna in her heyday. Everybody knew The Big M was just looking for new ways to shock. Rihanna has also shocked. But there is a disturbing feeling she's not posing or kidding.

A Post-Thanksgiving Day Poem

| Posted 11.23.2012 | Huffington Post

"You can put your boots in the oven. But that don't make 'em biscuits!" goes the old Texas saying. Will they be saying that when they get a chance to...

Celebrating My First Friend in New York Theater: Shirley Herz

| Posted 11.26.2012 | Arts

What a great night! One can't always say that about charities raising money to keep going. People truly want to help and cooperate but most of these sizzlers fizzle out and are so boring! Not the Abingdon one.

Lindsay's Limp Liz & Dick: It Came. We Saw. It Did Not Conquer

| Posted 11.27.2012 | Entertainment

How was Liz & Dick? Some critics said it was not bad enough to be good campy fun. I must disagree. It was hilarious.

Scarlett Johansson's Big Year: In the Shower or in a Slip, She's Hot

| Posted 11.28.2012 | Entertainment

The big question always is -- how is the leading lady going to look in her all-important slip? My guess is that at the very least, Miss Johansson will triumph in that aspect of the role.

Journalism As Fiction, Fiction As Journalism: The Capote Dictum

| Posted 11.29.2012 | Entertainment

It seems friend Truman believed he was the only one entitled to examine the famous among his important friends. This kind of thinking about what constitutes real "journalism or reportage" would render the works of historians and biographers useless.

Brigitte Bardot: The Sexiest of All Sex Symbols

| Posted 11.30.2012 | Entertainment

Brigitte was probably the sexiest of all the sex symbols -- she didn't tease, she wasn't a cartoon or a caricature of femininity. She pouted, sure. But she delivered what her pout promised.