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Entries by Lloyd I. Sederer, MD from 06/2009

Paying the Piper: Brain "Neuroenhancers"

| Posted 06.01.2009 | Healthy Living

If you don't have a medical condition like ADHD or narcolepsy and you take stimulants, you are entering the world of performance enhancement, where many have tread and paid a great price.

Adolescent Depression: Do We Have the Will to Make a Difference?

| Posted 06.09.2009 | Healthy Living

We need to have the will to make depression screening for adolescents a standard of care for primary care: to make it a required field in the electronic medical record and a quality standard for health plans and hospitals.

The FDA and Recommendations for Antipsychotic Medications in Children

| Posted 06.18.2009 | Healthy Living

Because the past 10 years has seen a forty fold increase in the diagnosis of bipolar disorder in children we are likely about to see dramatic increases in the use of antipsychotic medications.

Can You Trust Your Psychiatrist?

| Posted 06.30.2009 | Healthy Living

If you can't trust big Pharma with its capacity to influence doctors then how can you trust your psychiatrist?