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Entries by Mahmood Delkhasteh from 02/2011

No More Politics of Fear: Why Iranian Neocons Want Egyptians to Believe Revolution Is Wrong

| Posted 02.03.2011 | World
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It is time to stop arguing that people need to support corrupt despots, or despotic political and social structures, in order to prevent fundamentalist forces from taking over. This politics of fear does not work anymore.

Humiliation: The Catalyst for Arabs' Revolutions

| Posted 02.18.2011 | World

Like in Iran, humiliation also plays a catalyzing role in the unravelling of revolution. Since their independence, people in the Arab countries have been constantly humiliated, not least of all by their own despots.

Clash of Civilizations Discredited

| Posted 02.26.2011 | Politics

The bloody fault lines of conflict today are mapped out not between democratic and undemocratic civilizations, but between global forces of antidemocratic power and human struggles for freedom in every culture.