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Entries by Maia Szalavitz from 06/2006

"The Doctor Wasn't Cruel Enough"

| Posted 06.02.2006 | Huffington Post

Finally, a pain physician triumphs in the battle over "overprescribing" medications for pain.

Addicts, AIDS Activism and U.S. Policy Failure

| Posted 06.06.2006 | Huffington Post

It is insanely pathetic that Iran is doing needle exchange and China is allowing it-- but the U.S. is still going around fighting efforts to provide clean needles to addicts

Angel Dust and Devil Doctors: Cruelty V. Compassion Part II

| Posted 06.07.2006 | Huffington Post

These cases continue to be an embarrassment to our justice system and our country.

Meth: Debunking the Debunking of the Debunking

| Posted 06.19.2006 | Politics
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Meth has not driven a massive national violent crime wave the way crack did--nor, despite media reports to the contrary, has it actually increased foster care admissions.

Breast Feed or Else? NYT, HHS Boost Sketchy Science, Neglect PPD

| Posted 06.21.2006 | Media
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To suggest that the problem here is that women don't know the risks of not breastfeeding, is absurd.

Montel Williams: Medical Marijuana More Than Cause Celeb; House Votes Soon

| Posted 06.22.2006 | Huffington Post

Celebrities are notorious for canceling charity commitments at the last moment. Not Montel Williams, not for medical marijuana.

Prohibit Viagra-- See a Rush to Change Drug Enforcement

| Posted 06.27.2006 | Politics
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Must we now carry our doctors' phone numbers and the prescription bottles-- no pillboxes, please-- to the airport?