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Entries by Maia Szalavitz from 04/2007

Parity for Effective Addiction and Mental Health Care: Not Just Treatment as Usual

| Posted 04.13.2007 | Huffington Post

I was not able to explore in my NYT op-ed some of what I think are the best examples of the problems with parity without an evidence requirement -- so I thought I'd lay them out here.

Mental Health Parity, Guns and Seung-Hui Cho

| Posted 04.19.2007 | Politics
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It is the height of arrogance to believe that clinical experience alone should guide mental health care and that treatment shouldn't start with the kind of treatment proven to help the largest number of people.

Chronic Pain, Abortion and the Regulation of Medicine

| Posted 04.24.2007 | Politics
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The recent Supreme Court decision on "partial birth abortion" has also cast a disturbing shadow over relations between doctors and patients.

The Pain Police: Hurwitz Case Shows Doctors Can Be Healers or Cops-- Not Both

| Posted 04.30.2007 | Politics
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Do we as a society really want physicians to serve first as police officers, and only if we are judged innocent of addiction or the potential for it, only then to treat pain?