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Entries by Maia Szalavitz from 03/2008

Hillary, Bill and Obama on Crack

| Posted 03.05.2008 | Politics

While Bill Clinton is apologizing for not having done more to reduce the disparity in sentencing for crack and powder cocaine, his wife opposes even the most modest attempt to fix the problem.

Hillary and Obama on Crack: Part II

| Posted 03.06.2008 | Politics

Hillary's position seems to be that sentencing people to longer terms in prison for crack over cocaine is wrong -- but that people who have already been sentenced unjustly should stay in prison.

More Misinformation on Ledger Death, Prescription Drug Misuse

| Posted 03.07.2008 | Healthy Living

Salon has just published a virtually data-free article which blames Heath Ledger's overdose death on busy doctors and pharmacists, and drug company advertising.

Pregnant Women, Drugs and the New York Times: Think of the Children!

| Posted 03.17.2008 | Healthy Living

Punishing pregnant drug users for harming their fetuses tends not to stop their drug use, but rather to drive them underground and away from both prenatal care and addiction treatment.

Wire v. The Media on Drugs II: You're Right, David Simon, We Suck

| Posted 03.18.2008 | Media

Addiction is a massively complex social problem -- but the sad thing is that rather than suggest solutions, the press is busy looking for stories to plug into its prize-seeking formula.