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Entries by Maia Szalavitz from 03/2009

What We Lost When We Lost Rocky -- Paper First Exposed Teen Torture

| Posted 03.03.2009 | Media

Just last week, Denver lost the Rocky Mountain News and before its website disappears, I wanted to share an example of just how much newspapers matter.

Incarcerating Kids will Solve the 'Sexting' Problem Like Incarcerating Drug Users Has Created a Drug-Free America

| Posted 03.20.2009 | Politics

Ashley Banfield's ideas on "sexting" crystallize the complete bankruptcy of trying to use criminal law for a purpose to which it is utterly unsuited.

The Enchantress of Numbers

| Posted 03.24.2009 | Media

Though this is outside my usual obsessions, I agreed to blog for Ada Lovelace Day today, celebrating women in technology.