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Entries by Marc Gunther from 10/2007

Peak Performance

| Posted 10.04.2007 | Business

Great companies ought to satisfy higher human needs by aiming for the peak of Maslow's pyramid, says Chip Conley of Joie de Vivre hotels.

Buffett, Darfur, Mutual Funds and Myanmar

| Posted 10.15.2007 | Business

Heartened by Warren Buffett's action, Darfur activists are now shifting their focus to other investment funds, including Fidelity, that continue to hold PetroChina stock.

Making the Dumb Grid Smarter

| Posted 10.22.2007 | Business

In an era when people can talk to their TV sets or digital video recorders over the Internet from halfway around the world, it's crazy that a utility company can't get real-time information about what's happening on its own grid.