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Entries by Marcia Reynolds from 03/2010

Defining The Shift In The Psyche Of Women At Work

| Posted 03.04.2010 | Healthy Living

There is a new generation of women in the workplace. The majority of the women at work today represent the first generation of women who were told they could accomplish anything they put their mind to.

International Women's Day: We Are Stronger, But Are We Significant?

| Posted 03.08.2010 | Healthy Living

Women today have been taught to be strong and overcome our fears about vocalizing our desires and needs. We were not necessarily taught the best ways to do this.

Sandra Bullock and Jesse James: We Thought it was a Model of the New Relationship

| Posted 03.11.2010 | Healthy Living

There are many healthy relationships with female breadwinners where the men have their own ambitions and drive. I believe there is a new type of male/female relationship forming in our culture not defined by who is more dominant and successful.

Alice in Wonderland: A New Look at Feminine Power

| Posted 03.17.2010 | Healthy Living

I love that Alice in Wonderland actually differentiates different types of feminine power so girls don't just define strong as physically tough or verbally demanding.

What Women Want... at Work

| Posted 03.22.2010 | Healthy Living

Although many would say that this is the only way to break down the control of the male elite at the top of the business world, would you take a position based on filling a quota?

Men and Women Think Differently - This is Good

| Posted 03.29.2010 | Healthy Living

Women multitask better than men. Men focus better than women. This affects how we process and communicate our ideas and plans.