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Entries by Marcia Reynolds from 04/2010

Grey's Anatomy: A Ruse or a Reflection?

| Posted 04.07.2010 | Healthy Living

It is not the time to become ambivalent about sexism. It is not the time to call feminism a dirty word.

Are You Serving a Calling or Feeding a Craving?

| Posted 04.16.2010 | Healthy Living

The best indicator that you are serving a calling is when you can learn to not care about what other people think. You know you are making a difference on some scale.

When CEOs Talk, Their Sexist Excuses Are Exposed

| Posted 04.27.2010 | Healthy Living

Will enough top-talent women stay in male-dominated corporations to change the face of leadership? Or will we keep leaving until governments force the issue?

Women: Build Your Conspiracy at Work to Ensure Your Success

| Posted 04.30.2010 | Healthy Living

No matter how much energy I devote to helping women in the workplace, the brick wall I hate facing is criticism of how women treat each other up and down the corporate ladder.