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Entries by Marguerite Manteau-Rao from 11/2008

Let's Spread Some of Obama's Community Organizing Magic on Climate Change

| Posted 11.03.2008 | Green

Sarah Palin should not have mocked Barack Obama for being a community organizer. If anything, tonight's results proved her wrong. Our new President ha...

Mom Does Not Always Know Best

| Posted 11.07.2008 | Green

The majority of households spend between a fourth and a third of their grocery budget on junk, and empty calories. That's a lot of money that could be used on other more nutritious groceries.

Good Fish, Bad Fish, It's Hard to Know

| Posted 11.14.2008 | Green

(cross-posted from La Marguerite blog) Have you tried sorting out the information on fish? Which kind can you eat without worrying about mercury, PC...

Coupons Can Be Hazardous to Your Health

| Posted 11.18.2008 | Green

Coupons were not created with the interest of consumers in mind. They are a marketing tactic from consumer packaged goods manufacturers to push their highly processed foods.

Stirring The Pot With The Women's Food Movement

| Posted 11.28.2008 | Green

(cross-post from La Marguerite blog) One casual comment made by a girlfriend during a recent dinner at my house, got me thinking, deep, about women, ...