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Entries by Maria Rodale from 09/2009

Women's Rights: All We Take for Granted

| Posted 09.03.2009 | Healthy Living

When Hollywood finally learns how to make good romance movies, we might just finally free women around the world, and create the kind of world where peace is a possibility.

Health Care Debate: "Death Panels," Health Insurance Reform, and the Truth

| Posted 09.09.2009 | Healthy Living

I think I found the smoking gun on the death panel accusation, and it's not the doctors or the hospitals. It's the insurance companies who are profiting from deliberately misleading their customers.

Come on Down to Our Organic Apple Festival!

| Posted 09.11.2009 | Healthy Living

Saturday, Sept. 12, the Rodale Institute will be holding its first annual Organic Apple Festival at the farm in Maxatawny, Pennsylvania. I hope you can come!

The Power of an Organic Hot Dog

| Posted 09.15.2009 | Healthy Living

Why hot dogs? They are the great uniter. And if you can convince someone that the organic version of his or her favorite food is not only great, but better, then I think that's success.

Diabetes and Endocrine Disruption: Connecting the Dots

| Posted 09.16.2009 | Healthy Living

I consider myself fairly well-read, and educated about health. I've researched the endocrine disruption effects of chemicals--that is, the ways that c...

Red Beans and Rice: Look out Popeye's!

| Posted 09.18.2009 | Healthy Living

The other day I woke up in the morning with a eureka moment of insight. What if I cook the beans with the ham hock? Here's my recipe.

In Memory of My Dad, Bob Rodale

| Posted 09.21.2009 | Healthy Living

A lot of people loved my father and even romanticized his reign as leader of Rodale Press and chief spokesman for the organic movement around the world. But I knew him first and foremost as a father.

Recipe: Ham, String Bean, and Potato Soup--a Real Dutch Treat

| Posted 09.23.2009 | Healthy Living

When I was a kid and I would go to my grandmother's house (on my mother's side), we only ever ate two things. If I was there for lunch by myself, she would make grilled cheese sandwiches with a dill pickle on the side, and she'd serve tea in a gold teacup. It always made me feel special.

Recipe: Buttery Biscuits in a Snap!

| Posted 09.25.2009 | Healthy Living

Did you ever make something good to eat--like a nice pot of soup--and realize that you were out of bread, or even worse, out of good bread? I adapted ...

The End of GDP: A New Economic Model Closer to Nature

| Posted 09.28.2009 | Healthy Living

What is the true measure of health? Strength and security: Are we strong enough to keep ourselves and our families secure?

A Desperate Need for Nature

| Posted 09.30.2009 | Healthy Living

Snuggled under all my soft and comfy organic bedding, I am feeling all warm and wonderful, while the air in the room is sweet, cool, and so refreshing. It's an elixir that is priceless.