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Entries by Maria Rodale from 10/2009

Recipe: It's Applesauce Season

| Posted 10.02.2009 | Healthy Living

The best apples for sauce are the ones that are tart, and too mangled to make good regular eating. Sure, you can make pie with them, but applesauce is healthier and easier to freeze.

Recipe: Carrot Salad (When There's Nothing Else in the Fridge)

| Posted 10.05.2009 | Healthy Living

Sometimes you just need a fresh vegetable accompaniment to a meal, and the refrigerator is either empty or pathetically filled with rotting, shriveled produce. Usually, all that's left standing are the carrots.

Goodbye Gourmet Magazine

| Posted 10.07.2009 | Healthy Living

In the magazine business, we are used to hearing about magazines launching and shutting down all the time. Still, when you hear of a magazine's demise...

Recipe: Chicken and Gravy in 15 Minutes

| Posted 10.09.2009 | Healthy Living

All during a recent four-hour meeting in New York City I smelled chicken and gravy. Suddenly, all I could think of was chicken and gravy -- and getting a hold of some as soon as possible.

Washington Vibe

| Posted 10.14.2009 | Healthy Living

This past weekend I took my family to the Green Expo in Washington DC. Green Expo is a series of consumer shows around the country on everything green...

Restaurant Review: Founding Farmers, Washington, D.C.

| Posted 10.16.2009 | Healthy Living

I had to check out Founding Farmers in Washington this past weekend. The idea is appealing: a casual, family restaurant that's supplied and owned by a collective of American family farmers.

Dinner for 23--Part 1

| Posted 10.19.2009 | Healthy Living

Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe I've just done it often enough. Or maybe I am in complete denial. But it's the morning of the dinner and I only just now made a grocery list.

Dinner for 23 -- Part 2

| Posted 10.21.2009 | Healthy Living

By 4:50 (remember, the party was supposed to start at 5:00), everyone had arrived except my brother. By the time he and his family arrived at 5:30, all the drinks were gone and dinner was ready.

Swine Flu Is in the House

| Posted 10.23.2009 | Healthy Living

We were lucky to catch the infection early enough to get the kids on Tamiflu. But there is no sign of a vaccine in sight, and now it's too late anyway.

Halloween Story: The Adventures of Pumkin the Cat

| Posted 10.26.2009 | Healthy Living

When you're sick, there's nothing like a good adventure story to take your mind off things. But this is no made-up story. It's the very absolute true story of a cat named Pumkin.

A Halloween Story: The Adventures of Pumkin the Cat

| Posted 10.28.2009 | Healthy Living

We searched all over for Pumkin. We drove around the mountain. We asked the neighbors if she'd been spotted. We went to the local animal shelter and looked for her.

The Adventures of Pumkin the Cat: Conclusion!

| Posted 10.30.2009 | Healthy Living

When Lou and I got home we rushed in, and there she was. She was filthy, had lost almost half her weight, and was covered in ticks.